Wow Touch: whitening cream for excessive pigmentation in the intimate area

Wow Touch: whitening cream for excessive pigmentation in the intimate area

  • Natural ingredients with strong whitening effect
  • Controls the level of skin pigmentation
  • Improves your self-esteem, making your private area irresistible

What can be solved using the new cream for private area whitening?

  1. You can comfortably wear a bikini!
  2. You will no longer be shy of the discoloration of your body!
  3. You will no longer worry about your partner not wanting to make love to you after taking a look at your private zone!
  4. You can comfortably send sexy pictures to your partner as a teaser before your date!
  5. You will feel great about going with friends to visit the sauna, because of your beautiful body!
  6. You will know for certain , that awful vagina color does not describe you!

Wow Touch: whitening cream for excessive pigmentation in the intimate area


“Particle Luminescence” Technology is an original recipe of the product

«The name was given by the global research team which worked to develop the technology of effective skin whitening in delicate areas.»

  • Hyperpigmentation is presently associated with psychological issues and low self-esteem in so many people, hence the step forward made by contemporary derma-cosmetology.
  • With the results of the most recent study, a product was created which mildly and steadily stimulates the body’s regenerative mechanisms, giving the skin in private areas a soft-pink color and making it smooth..

The most essential details about Particle Luminescence technology are rationality in the choice of each ingredient, intricate approach, and safe action mechanism.

PRINCIPLES AND machinery of cream for privates whitening

  1. Intricate action. A finest blend of natural and manmade ingredients, which stimulates several body mechanisms to function in a single procedure: regulating the level of skin pigmentation and supporting the regeneration process.
  2. Safety. This arrangement is made up of solely harmless ingredients (without likely carcinogens such as hydroquinone).
  3. Psychological comfort and easy to use. It may be difficult to undress in the presence of a doctor or in a beauty salon, but with this, you can do it yourself at home!

ACTIVE ingredients of the WOW TOUCH cream for whitening of the private area

Beeswax (Cera Alba). This has strong tempering and whitening effects, and visually lessens skin deficiencies.

Licorice. Its roots gently whitens and relaxes the skin, and commences the process of regeneration.

Acids. Caprylic and Glycolic are responsible for the reduction , of pigmentation.

Wow Touch: whitening cream for excessive pigmentation in the intimate area


  • Anus and rectum diseases;
  • Lactation, pregnancy;
  • Hypersensitivity of the skin;
  • The appearance of wounds and tiny cracks in the whitening region.

USING the privates whitening cream

  1. Gently massage a small amount of the cream around the outer genital area
  2. Use gentle massaging movements
  3. Use once daily for a minimum of 3 courses

Course duration – around 4 weeks


Being a picture model has always been my dream, and I have the perfect body for it. But after my very first shoot, I was told by the photographer that the skin around my private areas are dark and very nasty looking, so I can’t take bikini shots. He said that only a few people will be willing to do something extra in Photoshop when many girls are available who don’t have that problem. Therefore, I had to seek a solution. And I got it! That whitening cream is awesome.

Patricia, 20

I used to believe that I had lost my womanly beauty and crossed my private life. Yet I realized that at 40 it is only beginning. I met someone, very attractive and open in bed. Well, it was necessary for me to keep up as well, so I chose to bleach my private areas to feel more comfortable in bed with him!

Angela, 45

As a pole dancer, I need to look completely perfect from all sides. I purchased the whitening cream, and I can now say my self-esteem is higher than my dance at the pole top!

Joyce, 24

I had never thought about bleaching any part of my body. But getting up twice after the sex only just began had me curious. Obviously, they were both very considerate, saying it wasn’t me and that they were the problem, but then the third guy spilled it all out! Actually, when we got to performing 69 he couldn’t take looking at the dark skin around my genitals (especially since I am mainly white everywhere else), so it changed his mood. After one course of using the whitening cream for private areas, I asked him if he was going to assess the result. And he did! :) Now we are a couple.

Alyssa, 29


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