Vitalbiotix Probiotic say goodbye to stomach bloating!

Vitalbiotix Probiotic say goodbye to stomach bloating!

Vitalbiotix Probiotic is a powerful blend of full spectrum enzymes with probiotics to promote better digestion. The formula works by helping the body digest carbs, fats, protein, dairy and gluten thereby aiding the digestion process so you can continue to enjoy the foods you love*.


Say goodbye to stomach bloating, Sluggish Digestion, and Intestinal Pain with Vitalbiotix Probiotic

Vitalbiotix Probiotic say goodbye to stomach bloating!

Our formula is unlike other Probiotics as we control our cultures with rigorous practices in order to ensure we provide your gut only the highest-quality bacteria to introduce the best possible bacterial dynamics. Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), Chrons, leaky gut, bloating and most food sensitivities are the result of issues with the bacterial culture of the intestinal tract. Vitalbiotix Probiotic bring your bacterial load to a balanced state, allowing your body to relax again without discomfort or pains.

Vitalbiotix Probiotic is what researchers are calling, “The Most Advanced Probiotic Formula Ever Created!” Gastrointestinal conditions are rooted in bacterial imbalance of the gut, whereby the only remedy is to balance bad bacteria with an introduction of diverse, good bacteria. This probiotic culture brings peace back to your gut microbiome to help your body not only stop receiving damage, but be given the chance to HEAL!

What distinguishes our Spore Form Probiotic from other Probiotic?

Vitalbiotix Probiotic say goodbye to stomach bloating!

  1. Improve Gut Health – Your health begins in your gut, and it’s dependent on the balance of “good” bacteria and “bad” bacteria. When there’s an imbalance or a lack of diversity, your body ends up in a world of hurt. From constipation and diarrhea to allergies, skin conditions, and asthma, when your gut’s microbiome is out of whack, you’ll pay the price. Spore form Probiotic actively work to restore the balance and get your health back on track.
  2. IBS, Crohnʼs, Colitis, and Candida Yeast Overgrowth – When the bad bacteria take over, these painful conditions come to light. Without realizing it, an event such as a round of antibiotics can deplete the good bacteria in your gut. This loss gives bad bacteria a clear entry point to recolonizes into power. It may takes years, but you eventually discover that your gut is all but destroyed by these bad tenants. A cleanse can help ease the symptoms, but the only long-term solution is to reintroduce beneficial cultures of Probiotic to the gut flora with a quality spore-based probiotic; exactly like the one we’re offering you the chance to purchase!
  3. Mood Disorders, Including Stress, Anxiety and Depression – The gut and brain are linked via the gut-brain axis. Further, the majority of our hormones and neurotransmitters originate in the gut. As an example, 95% of serotonin (the happy hormone) gets produced in the digestive tract. This means if your digestive tract is in a funk, your brain will be too! Brain fog, cognitive degeneration and more are all possible symptoms of poor gut and microbiome health. The right probiotic ensures sufficient serotonin in order to balance your mood and cognitive functions.
  4. Boost Your Metabolism and Shed Unwanted Pounds – We’ve noticed many probiotic companies to boast weight loss as a primary benefit to their product. We never set out to create a “fat-loss” pill, but here’s how our probiotic helps users to lose weight: our Probiotic help break down food into short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs) – and these help you burn fat. Secondarily, this new balance of bacteria also balances the hormones in your nody, specifically increasing leptin (the hormone that makes you feel full and satisfied) while reducing ghrelin (the hormone that makes you hungry). You should take this pill for its beneficial, health-promoting properties – but we can attest that weight-loss will often occur.
  5. Fight the Flu (and other Illness) – It’s estimated that up to 70% of immune function resides in the gut. If this is the case, why would you wish to neglect the health of your gut microbiome? By supplementing with a high-quality spore form probiotic, you’ll be ready to tackle flu season as well as any other virus that may present itself through the stimulation of peripheral T-lymphocytes and B-lymphocytes (two types of white blood cells that are essential to battle disease). Spore form Probiotic train this immune system to fight off bad bacteria and viruses while helping the good bacteria grow and flourish.
  6. Beat Sugar Cravings – Bad gut bacteria love sugar, and they have no trouble sending that request through the brain channels we addressed earlier. If you find yourself using every ounce of willpower to avoid a donut in the break room, then it’s a clear signal that your good bacteria is losing the battle. But, once you restore your gut microbiome to its natural balance, you’ll find that those sugar cravings become manageable and may even disappear.
  7. Digestive Support – The right probiotic gets your gut health back on track. You’ll notice that your constipation, bloating food sensitivities, cramps, and diarrhea decrease will decrease, with many symptoms disappearing! Much better than the intense stomach pains that kept you up at night.
  8. Reduced Inflammation – Not long ago, scientists hypothesized that bowel disorders like IBS, Colitis, and Crohn’s Disease were autoimmune conditions. They believed the system was attacking itself – but they were incorrect. Scientists now realize that the immune system was attacking harmless bacteria and food, meaning by restoring balance we are able to reduce, and even eliminate, inflammation from the gut to relieve these conditions.

Testimonial & Reviews

Roy Tinay

I’m finishing my first box and they are helping me with IBS. I’ll continue to use this product and hope they also help me with Hashimotos autoimmune disease. It takes a while to see results with Hashimotos and many things can affect it so here’s hoping!

Marilyn Brimner

One week in and I must say my stomach feels better. Along with a fiber supplement it seems to benefit me Happy so far! Thank You

Eloisa Agustin

The customer service is so great, love it and you’ll love it too

Joseph Reynaldo

Amazing company, people really help build a customer and seller bond and I will conduct all my future work here


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