Visicore for eye health: it’s time to restore your vision!

Visicore for eye health: it's time to restore your vision!

  • Relieves tension and pain in the eyes in 5 minutes
  • Restores 99% of vision during the course
  • Prevents the development of eye diseases and weakening of vision

The main cause of poor vision is malfunctioning of the eye muscles!

Visicore for eye health: it's time to restore your vision!

  1. The muscular system focuses the eyes in such a way that the image passing through the eye lens is projected onto the retina.
  2. Eye muscle disorder results in insufficient or excessive squeezing of the eyeball.
  3. The lens is deformed and the focus is distorted, so you can’t see clearly anymore.

Visicore is an innovative product for restoring vision

Visicore – is a nutrient complex of natural extracts that have a directional effect in case of vision reduction and completely eliminate the most common diseases of the human eye.

  • Lutein – protects the retina from various outside influences
  • Zeaxanthin – helps keep eye muscles healthy and reduce fatigue
  • Vitamins – improve eye clarity
  • Minerals – strengthen eye capillaries and eye veins

It is the only product that regulates the function of the eyeball muscles, helping to restore the focus and regain clear, bright, and three-dimensional vision.


New technology: Eye Muscle Support

Visicore for eye health: it's time to restore your vision!

  • Relieves inflammation, tension, dryness and irritation,
  • enhances visual acuity, strengthens the retina of the eye,
  • stimulates nerve synapses which provide clear vision,
  • enhances the responsiveness of muscles to stress, reduces and prevents hypertonicity,
  • ensures the proper focus of the eye lens,
  • strengthens capillary blood circulation,
  • eliminates the risk of developing dangerous eye diseases,
  • normalises blood pressure in the fundus of the eye

Vision recovery expert

Expert opinion

Over the past few years, the number of people suffering from vision loss increased 18 times . Many of my patients are in panic asking me to prescribe lenses and glasses, although they do not understand that such a measure will further worsen the situation, negatively affecting the human eye.


Today it is possible to solve the problem with medication. Specifically for these purposes, Visicore has been created . I prescribe it to every patient of mine and in 99% cases they are able to enjoy clear and bright vision after just course of treatment.


The product contains a unique blend of ingredients that restore the functioning of the eye muscles and improve the condition of the lens, which are the main factors of good vision.


Combined with eye exercises, this treatment provides assured results in the shortest time possible and helps to avoid surgical intervention.

Their eyesight has been already restored with the help of Visicore

Reshma Achara

I had extreme myopia for many years, and I could see only with one eye. I am a pianist, music is the biggest joy in my life, but I couldn’t even distinguish notes. I couldn’t wear glasses for longer than 15-20 minutes cause they provoked terrible headaches. I decided to order Visicore because I heard that the medicine helps to restore eyesight but in my difficult case I could only pray for a miracle. However, a month later I managed to achieve startling results. My vision was almost fully reastored. My optometrist said that he had never seen such progress before. And now he recommends it to all his patients!

Purshottam Mangeshkar

I am a programmer and constant work in front of the monitor has severely damaged my eyesight. It became so severe that everything was blurred. I was constantly tormented by headaches because of tension in the eyes. The seriousness of the situation dawned on me when I just couldn’t work anymore, my eyes could no longer discern small letters on the screen. I took a vacation and ordered Visicore. I started taking the medicine and gave my eyes 2 weeks of rest from the computer. I also did eye gymnastics 15 minutes every day. Naturally I was impressed with the results. I can see everything so clearly now! From now on, I’ll always take care of my vision!

Madhu Bilore

I learned about Visicore in my clinic, where it was actively discussed among patients, and decided to order it. Why not try it? Age takes its toll, you often have to use glasses. Otherwise, I couldn’t even read bus numbers. My optometrist was disappointed with my tests – I started having problems with retina. They say that Visicore is used to deal with almost all eye problems. What can I say? This product is wonderful! Now I can see everything much better, I can even see things far away. So I can definitely recommend it!


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