Virustop S7 to increase immunity: shield your system from viruses and pandemic diseases!

Virustop S7 to increase immunity: shield your system from viruses and pandemic diseases!

Virustop S7 is the next generation of immune protection, designed and developed to counter the modern virus strains that threaten to spread like wildfire around the globe. Entirely based on natural constituents, Virustop S7 contains in its capsules concentrated extracts of its ingredients, creating a mix aimed at boosting the human immune system.



Virustop S7 to increase immunity: shield your system from viruses and pandemic diseases!

  1. Ginger Anti-inflammatory, supports digestion, helps with motion sickness, reduces pain, rich in antioxidants, boosts the immune system.
  2. Green Tea Consists polyphenols, potent plant antioxidants, are what’s believed to give green tea its immune-boosting effects.
  3. Lemon Contains a lot of vitamin C that boosts your immune system. Flushes out toxins from your body and cleanses the liver.
  4. Garlic Contains the blood pressure and cholesterol, reduces the risk of cancer and strenghtens the immune system.
  5. Vitamin D Regulates the level of calcium and maitains phosphorus levels in the blood. Vital for maitaining healthy bones.
  6. Berries Known to reduce disease risk. Powerful antioxidant, which helps keep radicals under control.


  • We believe in the thorough protection of the immune system and that is why we created a fully organic capsules that dissolve in your body while providing your organism with its healthy properties.
  • We guarantee about the quality of the used ingredient, because we supply them from partners with well established quality control and environmentally friendly practices.
  • Our product puts modern medicine to practice with the help of entirely plant based ingredient list which provides the extract for the liquid bottles. We are proud to be one of the very few companies using this method.
  • Virustop S7`s effect is a lot like a locker. It locks your immune system for unwanted “guests” in the form of viruses, parasites and other health risk factors. This lock will often make the difference between being healthy and being seriously ill.

Action of preparation

Virustop S7 to increase immunity: shield your system from viruses and pandemic diseases!

  1. WHITE BLOOD CELLS RECREATION White blood cells are the building block of the immune system. The first bottle of Virustop S7 contains a powerfull potion of vitamin C extracted from citrus fruits that stimulates their recreation.
  2. ALLICIN SUPERCHARGE Allicin is an organosulfur compound obtained from garlic. It is a highly potent natural anti-microbial substance.
  3. ANTIOXIDANTS AND FIBER INJECTION The third bottle of Virustop S7 is packed with vitamins and minerals that mediate the release of unnecessary toxins from the organism thus improving the user`s overall health condition.
  4. VITAMIN D FUSION Vitamin D has a significant role in regulation of calcium and maintenance of phosphorus levels in the blood, acting as an improvement of the immune system.
  5. GINGEROL RESPITE Gingerol is the main bioactive compound in ginger. It has powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects.
  6. BLUEBERRY EXTRACT Blueberries are packed with iron, magnesium, zinc, vitamin K and many other helpful substances. It protects from a range of health problems including obesity, heart disease and diabetes.
  7. GREEN CHIRETTA STIMULATION Andrographis paniculata, commonly known as green chiretta, is used for prevention and treatment of diseases such as cancer, ulcer, leprosy, bronchitis, flatulence, colic, influenza, dysentery and malaria.


Edwin Flores, 29

I used to drink soluble vitamins to keep my immune system potent and energize, but over time discovered they have negative effects over the body as well. Decided to go all-natural and bought a Virustop S7. It is completely different and amazing. I can literally feel getting healthier! These amazing ampules have everything necessary to allow you to protect your organism.

Rosemarie Malalay, 46

There are a few things that make me mad, but getting sick is definitely one of those things. It only gets worse from there because when I get ill it is always long and hard to recover. It was in a moment of frustration that I ordered a Virustop s7 when I found it online. I didn`t really have any expectations and got amazed by the way it made me feel after just 7 days. Now I take it regularly and sickness just can`t get to me. Thank you, guys!

May Larrazabal, 38

This is the first product review I have ever given, but I think this product is well worth it! Just before we went for a trip to Thailand I ordered Virustop S7 ampoules knowing that in the flu season I could easily get sick. We went to Bangkok for 7 days and I felt amazing all the time. Everybody else in my group started to feel sick at the end of the trip, but not me! Very satisfied, wholeheartedly recommend!


  1. Delivery by mail within 3-7 days.
  2. Free shipping.
  3. No upfront payments! Payment is done on receipt of the order.

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