Specialift from wrinkles: it will give the skin youth and health!

Specialift from wrinkles: it will give the skin youth and health!

You can’t imagine how shocked I was when I saw the real age of Octavia. After all, she looks 30, no more! I had no idea that she could be much older. We’ve been dating for a whole year and I was happy and loved her. But when I saw her passport at the wedding, I was so shocked that I started yelling at Octavia, and then I just ran away.


For more than a month I was desperate and didn’t know what to do. But then I realized that the age of Octavia is just a number in her passport. And if I don’t look at this number, I still love her. She looks just amazing and so much better than many young girls. So why was I so scared then, if nothing changed? So, when my initial shock was gone, I immediately went to Octavia, said that I forgive her and proposed to her again. We got married, went on a honeymoon and now we are expecting a baby. We are happy!


Our editorial staff was simply amazed by this situation, and we decided to interview Octavia

Specialift from wrinkles: it will give the skin youth and health!

I believe that my product should be available to everyone. Therefore, I refused to sell my formula and decided to go into production myself. I took out a big loan in a bank, we hired the best pharmacists in the country and set up our production. And this allowed us to sell our product not for 20 000 pesos, but for only 3780 pesos . It is called – Specialift. I really hope that such a low price, which we were able to achieve with own production, will make our product available to most citizens of the Philippines and they will be able to experience the same happiness that I’ve once experienced. The happiness of a new life, a new love and the feeling that someone still needs you at 52. Needs you for real.

This is estimable! You took a risk when you took out a big loan in the bank. Have you already paid it?

Unfortunately, I’ve not paid the loan yet, and, according to our forecasts, with such a low price of 3780 pesos, I will have to pay it for another 4 years. But I am ready to make such sacrifices, I just want to make Specialift more accessible to our citizens. After all, I am a simple woman like most people who read this article, and I’ve had a lot of bad things in my life. No matter what anyone says, but for any woman appearance is an integral part of her happiness. Therefore, with age, we have to keep our former beauty by all means. And having created such an amazing product, we can finally stop fighting wrinkles and sagging skin, because Specialift can rejuvenate your skin, making it look 20-30 years in just 30 days. I want to say that now I’m 52 years old and I’m very happy, I have a young and handsome husband, and I’m already 3 months pregnant and expecting a baby. Therefore, I want to wish every woman to never despair and to always fight for her female happiness.


We interviewed a professor of dermatology, a leading specialist of the Asian Center of Dermatology and Cosmetology DR.ONG. Here is what he said about this situation

Specialift from wrinkles: it will give the skin youth and health!

The fact that Mrs. Octavia would be able to create such a unique rejuvenation formula was almost impossible. In this case, we are talking about precisely selected natural ingredients and their correct ratio. By combining so many natural ingredients, she has created one of the most effective facial and skin rejuvenating products available today, not only in the Philippines but in the whole world.

When we did the research of Specialift, we really couldn’t believe that this was possible. But after conducting the final clinical trials, we were simply shocked by the results! Specialift really works and can bring youth back to the skin in just 3-4 weeks! And most importantly, it consists of natural ingredients and is absolutely harmless, unlike most products that are sold on the Asian market. At the moment, Specialift has all the certificates of conformity and its production is running at full capacity.



A very touching and at the same time funny story. Once again, I’m convinced that if a person has a strong and real desire, they are capable of anything. Even to create a revolutionary rejuvenating product that will change the whole world.


My grandmother used Specialift. It’s just SHOCKING!!! Now she looks younger than my mom! Just look at the photo!

Valentina M.

I managed to order it! Thank you very much, my husband left me for a younger girl too. I hope Specialift will help me. But even if he gets back to me on his knees later, I won’t take him back. I just want him to realize what he’s lost!


I also started using Specialift. It’s been 9 days. I have very deep wrinkles and I can see them disappearing. This is just a miracle! And I also noticed something interesting – my face used to be saggy a little, but now it is more defined and lifted. And the bags under my eyes completely disappeared after that. I already look 10 years younger. Thanks!


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