Slim&Go for weight loss: it’s time to lose weight!

Slim&Go for weight loss: it's time to lose weight!

Keto Diet is a low-carb diet with a high level of fats and moderate concentration of carbohydrates. It facilitates weight loss by transforming a person’s own fat into energy.


The advantage of the Keto diet is that you can eat plenty of delicious foods such as meat, fish, eggs, and cheese. Any food containing lots of fat. However, you will have to stop consuming carbohydrates completely. It leads to serious repercussions:

  • lack of energy
  • the development of”keto-flu”
  • and poor functioning of the internal organs

Slim&Go – eat your favourite foods and lose weight!

Slim&Go for weight loss: it's time to lose weight!

Slim&Go is tablets which support your body during ketosis (when your body cells miss carbohydrates). Its active components reduce fatigue , help to deal with apathy, prevent “keto-flu”, and rebuild the levels of healthful substances in your body.

When taking Slim&Go you can keep eating foods containing carbs though it’s important to ensure that you don’t eat too much. Active formula contained in the productboosts fat-burning process by 2-3 times without causing damage to your body.

How it works?

Slim&Go for weight loss: it's time to lose weight!

When your body stops receiving carbs in the required quantities, it starts losing energy thus becoming subject to ketosis .

  • In order to restore the energy balance an intense burning of body’s own fat begins.
  • Excess weight reduces solely due to fat loss. Your muscles remain intact.
  • Sticking to the Keto diet usually results in ketosis after two or three weeks. If you supplement your diet with
  • Slim&Go, the process begins after just 40-50 minutes! The quantity of ketone bodies increases even when carbohydrates are present in your body.Side effects caused by the diet become minimal.

Slim&Go will change your understanding of weight loss

  • An effortless result
    Active components of the tablet work throughout the day when you work, relax, and even sleep. They boost your metabolism and trigger fat burning without the need of doing exercises.
  • No side effects
    Due to the natural components contained in Slim&Go, it does not affect your heart, blood vessels, and liver. The risk of allergic reactions is minimal.
  • Your muscles are not affected
    Components contained in Slim&Go split the subcutaneous fat maintaining your muscles. They prevent the reduction of electrolytes in the bloodstream facilitating healthy weight loss.

Active components in a single tablet

Slim&Go for weight loss: it's time to lose weight!

  • Aminobutyric acid 125mg
    Tackles mental fuzziness and lack of concentration during the initial stage of ketosis. It helps to relax, reduces nervousness, improves the process of falling asleep, makes you sleep longer and improves its quality.
  • L-glutamine 59mg
    It improves stamina, reduces fatigue, prevents body stress caused by the diet.
  • Potassium 9mg
    Prevents the development of keto-flu, stabilises blood pressure and eliminates muscle weakness.
  • Magnesium 13mg
    It tackles irritability, nervousness, prevents depression which frequently occurs during keto diet, reduces headaches and improves focus
  • Group B vitamins 17mg
    They support the functioning of your heat, digestive organs, reduce the levels of cholesterol, and improve fertility

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Maria, 28

I started losing weight using Slim&Go a week ago and I’ve already lost 6 kg! Did anybody try this product too?

Jocelyn, 25

Remember when in my stories I mentioned using Slim&Go? I want to boost my results. Lost 11 kg in just a month! I had a moderate keto diet but got outstanding results! I’m very happy.

Teresita, 31

I received my long-awaited Slim&Go pack today. I’m officially starting losing weight today :) Who wants to join me?


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