PinkGoddess from wrinkles: reduce skin pigmentation and soften the skin!

PinkGoddess from wrinkles: reduce skin pigmentation and soften the skin!

  • Intimate whitening cream with powerful active components to reduce skin pigmentation and soften the skin
  • Natural composition with powerful whitening effect
  • Regulates skin pigmentation level
  • Boosts your self-esteem, making your intimate zone irresistible

What is PinkGoddess?

PinkGoddess from wrinkles: reduce skin pigmentation and soften the skin!

PinkGoddess is a new whitening cream specially designed to whiten the dark skin in the intimate zone. PinkGoddess cream works in two directions – it provides powerful whitening effect and regulates skin pigmentation level. Using PinkGoddess cream you will be able to wear bikini, you will stop being ashamed of the difference in colour of your body, and you will not be ashamed to go to cosmetologist for deep depilation. PinkGoddess gives you the confidence you’ve always needed.

CAUSES OF pigmentation in intimate areas

  • Hormonal disbalance (may occur both during adolescence and during pregnancy or due to age-related changes after 40-45 years)
  • Endocrine disorders
  • Skin damage (due to friction from tight underwear or excess weight)
  • Individual features of the body

PINKGODDESS: PRINCIPLES AND TECHNOLOGY of cream for intimate whitening

Complex action Optimal combination of natural and synthetic components, which activate several mechanisms of the body to work in one procedure: regulating skin pigmentation level + strengthening of regeneration processes.


Safety The composition consists of only ingredients harmless to the body (no potential carcinogens like hydroquinone)


Easy to use and psychological comfort It is not easy to undress in the beauty salon or in front of the doctor, but here you can help yourself, at home!

PINKGODDESS: ACTIVE COMPONENTS of the cream PinkGoddess for intimate whitening

PinkGoddess from wrinkles: reduce skin pigmentation and soften the skin!

  1. Beeswax (Cera Alba)
    has powerful softening and whitening effects, visually reduces skin defects.
  2. Licorice Root
    softly whitens and softens the skin, starts regeneration processes.
  3. Acids
    Acids responsible for pigmentation reduction, are Glycolic and Caprylic.

PINKGODDESS: HOW TO USE the intimate whitening cream

    Apply a small amount of the cream оn the external genital area
    Use gentle massaging movements
    Use once a day for at least 3 courses


I always wanted to be a photo model, my body is perfect for that. But after the very first photo session, the photographer told me that I have very unsightly looking dark skin in intimate areas, and I can’t be making pictures in bikini. He said not everyone will want to do extra work in photoshop, when there are plenty of girls without that problem. So, I had to look for the solution. And I found it! That whitening cream is amazing.

Patricia, 20

I used to think that my feminine beauty is gone, and put a cross on my personal life. However, I discovered that at 40 it is only starting. I met a man, very hot and open in bed. Well, I had to keep it up too, so decided to bleach my private zones, so I could feel more confident in bed with him!

Angela, 45

I am a pole dancer. I have to look 100% perfect from all angles. I bought the whitening cream, and now my self-esteem is as high as my dance on the top of the pole!

Joyce, 24

I never even thought about whitening anything on my body. But when I was stood up twice after the sex barely started, I decided to find out what was wrong. Of course, both of them were very tactful and said it wasn’t me, it was something wrong with them, but the third guy gave it out! Apparently, when it was time for 69, he couldn’t stand seeing the dark skin of my genitals (especially considering that everywhere else I am basically white), so it was setting his mood down. After a course of the intimate area whitening cream, I asked if he wants to evaluate the result. He did! :) We are a couple now.

Alyssa, 29


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