MagneSteps: you will relieve any chronic pain in just 8 minutes

MagneSteps: you will relieve any chronic pain in just 8 minutes


99% of our customers have declared themselves satisfied or very satisfied with the overall service we offer.

  • Eliminate pain in joints and spine – 93%
  • Relieve pain in the muscles – 89%
  • Improve blood circulation – 69%
  • Reduce overweight – 84%
  • Reduce pain in the internal organs – 65%
  • Relief food and skin allergies – 55%

Thanks to the innovative combination of acupressure and magneto therapy, the MagneSteps Insoles efficiently removed any pain without side effects.

MagneSteps: you will relieve any chronic pain in just 8 minutes


How to use the insoles:

  1. Place your foot on the MagneSteps insole to make sure what your fitting size is.
  2. Then trim each of the insoles along the cutting line.
  3. Insert the MagneSteps insoles into your shoes and enjoy.

How to get rid of pain, scientifically? No pills, no injections and procedures

You will soon forget you’ve ever suffered pain and worried about your poor physical condition. Here’s what you need to do to get rid of the painful symptoms and get back to life.


This is banally simple. You just put the biomagnetic insoles in your shoes and … walk. You do what you usually do, and your body starts working quite differently. The magnetic field penetrates rapidly into the tissues where you experience pain and relieves it at the cellular level. The 970-Gauss magnetic force stimulates the flow of oxygen to the body and nourishes the cells and helps to clear the body from toxins. As a result, you will stop feeling pain and improve the functioning of the body. You do not have to change your diet, drink painkillers, take injections, or go for massages and procedures. Because your body already is winning against pain. This analgesic effect is no trick or miracle action, it simply results from a scientific and non-invasive approach to overcoming pain: the joint action between ancient (known for its efficacy for centuries) acupressure and modern magneto therapy. Thanks to the application of this double method you will achieve the following:

  • You will get rid of even the most stubborn pain – instead of suffering,
  • You will regain your full motor activity – instead of feeling on the sidelines of life,
  • You will correct the work of every organ and sensory.

Effects of pain-relief therapy using MagneSteps – data reported

The action of acupressure. Special buttons massage the leg while you walk, stimulating the receptors. Automatic massage results in significantly better blood circulation to all organs, which is crucial for our health, because blood transfers life-giving substances to the body: oxygen, hormones, immune antibodies, enzymes, and also removes harmful toxins.

Magnetic Field Action. The magnetic field penetrates very quickly into the painful tissues and prevents the electrical impulses conducting pain. The pain signal is silenced in a fraction of a second. Additionally, 750-Gauss magnetic energy makes red blood cells reach the thinnest capillaries. Thanks to this, oxygen enrichment and cell tissue are nourished toxin clearance is accelerated. Inflammation treatment accelerates to, swelling and hypersensitivity disappear.

MagneSteps: you will relieve any chronic pain in just 8 minutes

Test MagneSteps without risk!

  1. Guarantee for authenticity – MagneSteps has for the first time combined two unusually effective anti-pain therapies in one. Their action in fighting pain and correcting the body’s functions is confirmed by clinical trials. Such a solution will not be found in other products available on the market. Therefore, you can be sure that you will get an original product accessible only through this site.
  2. Quality guarantee – due to the sophisticated production method of the MagneSteps biomagnetic Insoles, they meet the highest quality standards. The strength of the magnetic field is specially selected to be effective but completely harmless to the body. Meeting your expectations 100% has been the ultimate goal.
  3. Satisfaction guarantee – Numerous user tests confirm the high efficacy of the MagneSteps Biomagnetic insoles. Based on these results, the therapy has deserved the recognition of the best physiotherapists and rehabilitators from across the world, who recommend it to their clients.


Chronic pain in my joints became intolerable. I was no longer able to do the things that gave me the greatest pleasure: walking in the mountains, riding a bicycle or taking care of the garden. My liver started failing after the ton of painkillers I took. I no longer knew what to do to get my capacity back.

Today I feel like I’ve got a new life! Thanks to MagneSteps insoles, I do everything I could not do because of the pain. I even got involved in a half marathon. The relief is amazing!

Maria Perez, 38 years old

I’m a hairdresser, so I spend most of my time standing upright. That’s why I got terrible pains in the feet, calves and spine. Since I started walking with MagneSteps insoles, the pain stopped torturing me and I regained the passion for my work!

Linda Martines, 34 years old

Menstrual pain estranged me from the rhythm of ordinary life. In those special days I did not go out of the house even for work, I was just lying in the bed curled in a ball. A Nightmare!

Luckily my mother gave me the MagneSteps insoles. I would never have thought this would help me. But it did! I finally feel free of pain and I do not need to stress. Mom always knows best.

Reysel Matoza, 23 years old

At home there is always something to be done. Assembling a new cupboard or repairing a bicycle – my wife will always find me something to do. But how can I bend or strain when my spine barely works? My excess weight is, well, a heavy burned.

My brother recommended the MagneSteps insoles to me because they helped him for his kidneys. And they helped me too. Not just for the spine, but I also lost 6 kilos! Only later did I realize that as a result of the toxic cleanse the insoles did, my metabolism accelerated. But most importantly, my wife can finally count on me.

Gilbert Esternon, 52 years old


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