MagneFoot: you will relieve any chronic pain in just 8 minutes

MagneFoot: you will relieve any chronic pain in just 8 minutes


Eliminating pain, scientifically? No injections, no pills, no procedures

Soon you will not remember that you suffered from pain and worry over the poor state of your physical well-being. All you should do to eliminate these pain symptoms and recover your life is as follows.


This is very easy. Simply insert the bio-magnetic insoles into your footwear and… walk. Go about your usual routine and watch your body work differently. The tissues where you feel pain is quickly penetrated by the magnetic field to relieve it at the cellular point. The magnetic force of 970-Gauss stimulates oxygen flow in the body and revitalizes the cells, helping to rid the body of toxins. Consequently, the pain will end and bodily functions will improve. You don’t need a change in diet, injections, painkillers, or massages and any procedure. This pain-relieving effect is no miracle or trick, it’s simply the result of a non-invasive scientific approach to fighting pain: as a combination of ancient acupressure – renowned for centuries for its efficacy – and contemporary magnetotherapy. The double effect of this will help you to achieve these below:

  • Eliminate the most persistent pain rather than suffer,
  • Regain full motor activity,
  • Repair organ and sensory functions.

With the advanced combination of magnetotherapy and acupressure, the MagneFoot Insoles effectively eliminated all pains without any side effects.

MagneFoot: you will relieve any chronic pain in just 8 minutes


Using the insoles:

  1. Position your feet on the MagneFoot pad to be certain of your fitting size.
  2. Then cut each pad along the line.
  3. Insert them into your shoes and that’s all.

Reported data on the effects of MagneFoot pain-killing remedy

  • Get rid of the spine and joint pains – 93%
  • Relieve muscle pain – 89%
  • Enhance the circulation of blood – 69%
  • Reduce overweight – 84%
  • Reduce pain in the internal organs – 65%
  • Relieve skin and food allergies – 55%

The acupressure action

While you’re walking, your legs are massaged by special buttons which stimulate the receptors. The outcome of automatic massage is all organs receive significantly increased circulation of blood, vital for a healthy body since life-giving elements – hormones, oxygen, enzymes, antibodies, and toxin removers – are transferred to the body through the blood.

Magnetic Action

The tissues where the pain is felt is quickly penetrated by the magnetic field and hinders the electrical impulses carrying pain. The pain signal is then muted in less than a second. In addition, the magnetic energy of 750-Gauss is responsible for red blood cells reaching the thinnest capillaries. As a result, there’s oxygen boost and cell tissue nourishment, as well as an accelerated toxin clearance. Treatment of inflammation also accelerates and hypersensitivity and swelling disappear.

MagneFoot: you will relieve any chronic pain in just 8 minutes

Expert Opinion

My name is Professor Chandler Scott, and here I want to offer you the scientific system for tackling lasting pains. In place of mere promises, I present a system recorded in clinical trials and medical tests to enable you to eliminate pains without consuming any hurtful injections or harmful tablets.

If you have already been through fly-by-night methods like drugs, massages or injections, this will eliminate your pain in a mere 8 minutes period and will make sure that after a 30-day period of use the pain doesn’t recur.

However, if you’re fighting pain for the very first time, you can avoid enduring distress and health impediments. It will also help you in saving thousands which you would exhaust on ineffectual analgesics.

You will also save thousands that you would spend on ineffective painkillers. The specific medical trials which saw my method’s efficacy tested on several people having more than 40 varied complaints about pains confirms this. In each one, MagneFoot pads brought the longed-for pain relief, with emotional feedback being received from test subjects.

MagneFoot insoles are the easiest, most dependable, and most efficient technique for non-invasive relief from pain ever invented.


  1. Authenticity Guaranteed – For the first time ever, MagneFoot has combined two irregular efficient analgesic remedies into one. Their painkilling action, as well as body function correction, has been established by clinical trials. You won’t find such a solution in any other market product available. Hence, you are sure to get an authentic product which is obtainable only through this website.
  2. Guaranteed quality – MagneFoot bio-magnetic insoles meet the highest standard of quality as a result of the sophisticated method of production. The Magnetic strength is particularly chosen to be effective and at the same time safe for the body. The final goal has always been to meet your expectations completely.
  3. Guaranteed satisfaction – The efficacy of MagneFoot bio-magnetic insoles has been confirmed from very many tests by users. Because of these outcomes, the remedy has merited the acknowledgment of the best rehabilitators and physiotherapists across the globe, who also suggest it to their customers.


I am a hairstylist, so almost all of my time is spent upstanding. And as such, I have strong pains in my spine, calves, and feet. As soon as I used MagneFoot pads, I got adequate relief from the pains and I recovered the desire for my work!

Linda Martines, 34 years old

My normal life was interrupted by menstrual pain. During those days, I would remain completely indoors, just lying curved like a ball in bed. A nightmare!

Thankfully, I received the MagneFoot pads from my mother. I never would’ve imagined that it would help. Yet it did! Finally, I don’t have to stress and I feel pain-free. Mum certainly knows best.

Reysel Matoza, 23 years old

Anyone who has been through pain resulting from sciatica knows just how bad it is. I received multiple series of injections, but the pain kept coming back as if reinforced. MagneFoot pads became my salvation. This terrible pain has ended now, and I feel so good.

Erika Blanko, 56 years old

For as long as I know, I have always been ill-looking and susceptible to different illnesses. My belly hurt a lot from stress, I experienced fatigue in my muscles, and I felt pain in my legs even following a walk. For this reason, I now put on MagneFoot insoles and I’m no longer afraid of the pain.

Helen Mabanta, 36 years old


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