Fungonal from foot and nail fungus: it will quickly get rid of itching and burning!

Fungonal from foot and nail fungus: it will quickly get rid of itching and burning!

Do you know how many people died from a fungal infection in 2019? A total of 55,000 people died in the Philippines last year. 31,000 of them had excessive sweating of the feet. That’s more than half of all those who died. Nail fungus not only affects our toenails, but also penetrates the bloodstream, spreading throughout the body. The fungus destroys our body from the inside out and affects all organs.


Tiny spores attach themselves to internal organs and multiply, causing pathology to develop. Therefore, vital organs are also affected by the infection. This means that the body rots from the inside. Eventually, the heart cannot hold out, or a blood vessel in the brain ruptures, or a CA develops in the liver. The kidneys may also fail. Anyone suffering from nail fungus has these risks. The immune system is weakened by frequent colds, and stress completes the deadly picture.


Why don’t doctors treat this disease? After all, it is their job to save the lives of all those affected?

First of all, many patients do not go to the doctor at all because they underestimate the dangers of this disease. If you do go to the doctor, it is usually too late. Often the victims notice changes in their feet or toes. Of course, you will then receive a medicine that will act against this ailment and make it better. Unfortunately, most patients are not patient enough (for the sake of redundancy) and let their check-up go by, which makes the fungus spread unnoticed. Fungal diseases require constant monitoring, and few people are aware of the possible consequences for internal organs. I could tell you about hundreds of cases, but perhaps I would prefer to focus on those where the danger is particularly evident.

What brand is behind this product and why is it so effective?

Fungonal from foot and nail fungus: it will quickly get rid of itching and burning!

As of today, it is the most effective compound for fungal diseases. I am talking about a state-of-the-art product called Fungonal. Unlike most other drugs, it was developed by independent researchers in the UK. This product is ten times more effective than conventional remedies and treatments. At the same time, it has no side effects, is not addictive and helps the body to cope with the fungus, which significantly reduces the risk of a recurrence of the infection.

The secret of efficiency lies in some characteristics of the human body. Nail fungus is so resistant because it attaches itself to the body’s tissues. If the usual medication is no longer taken, the fungus reappears. Another problem is that the immune system cannot fight the fungus itself. At best, it can only slow down the development of the infection. A weak immune system cannot prevent the rapid growth of fungus, which sooner or later leads to the death of the body.


Why is Fungonal more effective than other popular drugs for fungal infections sold in pharmacies?

Fungi are living organisms that, like all other living things, adapt to their environment. Most drugs were developed 20-30 years ago. During this time, fungi have developed resistance to these drugs. Thanks to this innovative formulation, fungi can be eliminated both externally and in the body.

Its effectiveness was studied and tested at our National Institute of Infectious Diseases. The results showed the high effectiveness of Fungonal against fungal diseases:

  • Mycoloc
  • Lamesyl
  • Exoderil
  • Loceryl
  • Fungonal
  • Mycosan

This formula has a truly beneficial effect on the body

Fungonal from foot and nail fungus: it will quickly get rid of itching and burning!

  1. Eliminates fungal infection
  2. Relieves skin irritation and itching.
  3. Rapidly regenerates nails and heals wounds and cracks.
  4. Eliminates unpleasant odour and normalises sweat gland function.
  5. Prevents the reproduction and growth of pathogenic organisms.
  6. Normalises the immune system and helps to cure chronic fungal diseases.
  7. Blood and lymph nodes are cleansed of fungal residues.
  8. Helps the body to fight against the most common fungi.
  9. Prevents re-infection.

Are there any restrictions on its use and why is the product so heavily discounted?

There are no restrictions on use. The formula is suitable even for allergy sufferers. The capsules can be used even if there is an allergy to other medicines. It is harmless to the liver. It is harmless to the liver, which is usually exposed mainly to per os medications.


Regarding the second question: as I said, the formula was developed by independent researchers and produced in independent research centres. Production is quite expensive. If the Fungonal formula were owned by a major pharmaceutical company, the drug would be offered at a much higher price. This discount is designed to give all patients the opportunity to finally do something beneficial for their health. If you order the complete treatment with Fungonal you will get a 50% discount. The offer is limited.


Mary Ramos

My fungus disappeared in a month, thank you so much!

Jocelyn Bautista

Me too! I received Fungonal and used it immediately. The effect on the skin and nails is noticeable and noticeable!

Maricel Villanueva

I am very grateful for all the information about this product. I have been looking for a solution to help me for so long. I can’t wait for the delivery. Thank you!!!

Antonio Gonzales

Thanks, Dr. Ong! I’ve tried it and I feel much better. Let’s see how it goes next week. It’s too early for final conclusions, but I’ll let you know. My toenails look better!


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