Friocard from hypertension: capsules to normalize blood pressure in hot climates!

Friocard from hypertension: capsules to normalize blood pressure in hot climates!

  • Just 1 course will help to:
  • Reduce the strain on the heart, blood vessels and respiratory system during the heat
  • Gently normalize blood pressure
  • Improve blood flow to the brain

Friocard capsules – natural composition

Friocard from hypertension: capsules to normalize blood pressure in hot climates!

  1. Cranberry
    prevents the formation of atherosclerotic plaques, normalizes cholesterol levels, thereby preventing myocardial infarctions and strokes
  2. Mangosteen
    Contains xanthones, a unique type of plant compound with strong antioxidant properties
  3. Arjuna
    an effective and at the same time natural heart tonic. This remedy also has a positive effect on the liver and kidneys and revitalizes all body systems.
  4. Gotu kola
    is an ideal herb for supporting heart and vascular health. The scientific literature describes that gotu kola can help improve blood flow and strengthen vascular walls.

Friocard helps to reduce strain on the heart and circulatory system

  • No headaches
  • Memory and attention are improved
  • No more shortness of breath and heart pain
  • The sleep is normalized
  • Cheerfulness and energy appear
  • The libido goes up
  • Stress and nervous tension are gone
  • Vision and hearing are improved

How to take Friocard

Friocard from hypertension: capsules to normalize blood pressure in hot climates!

  1. Take 2 to 4 capsules 30 minutes before meals
  2. Repeat daily throughout the course
  3. Fortify the course after 2-3 months

Friocard – relief from an exacerbation of hypertension at any time of year

Hot weather is extremely dangerous for people who have hypertension. The higher temperatures make it harder for the heart to work, which leads to higher blood pressure, which in turn can lead to a heart attack or stroke. To prevent this from happening, I recommend spending as little time as possible in the open sun and taking Friocard capsules.


It is a unique remedy that was designed to be taken during the hot season, when the cardiovascular system is working hard.


Friocard normalizes heart and respiratory rhythms, dilates blood vessels, and calms the nervous system. Gently and without harm to the body lowers blood pressure and keeps it normal.

John Wilson
cardiology specialist

Customer reviews on Friocard

Maria R.

Every summer I had problems with my blood pressure. All because I have hereditary hypertension. I took painkillers, but I realized that this was not the solution to the problem. The problem was solved by Friocard capsules. Ever since I have been taking this remedy, my hypertension has been relieved. I didn’t have a headache even for a day during this summer.

Paul L.

Friocard changed my life. I used to have problems with my blood pressure, taking painkillers, getting sick leave at work and lying in bed all day. But after a course of Friocard, my blood pressure has normalized and is no longer rising, even in very hot weather. I have no more fear about my health, and I spend a lot of time with my friends.

Marti V.

Good remedy for blood pressure, it lowers pressure gradually and safely. I have noticed an interesting effect of the product. My memory is better and I am able to think better. I can see well, very interesting effect.

Alex M.

High temperatures always had a bad effect on me. Specifically, my blood pressure was rising rapidly. I felt terrible: I was always lethargic. But after I started taking Friocard, the situation changed. My blood pressure no longer rises, no matter how hot it gets, I feel fine.


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