Dietica fizzy for weight loss: targeted impact on fat deposits

Dietica fizzy for weight loss: targeted impact on fat deposits

In the winter of 2021, the American arbitration court held the first hearing of the case of Joshua Reyes. He is the person who revealed a unique formula that allows people to lose weight in the shortest possible time without limiting food consumption. But the formula belonged to a large American corporation, where Joshua used to work.


Patel worked on a formula for proper nutrition for a large American corporation for 8 years, but then he broke the contract and took the formula home to the Philippines, where he turned to local manufacturers.

Reporter: “Joshua, you were one of the top ten most successful employees of the corporation, with one of the highest salaries, even by the US standards. What made you put your career and even your freedom at risk?”

I don’t really want to talk about it publicly, but my motivation here is completely personal. And my story is pretty long. 10 years ago, my mother passed away because of hypertension caused by being overweight. Everything seemed fine, but then she suddenly had a stroke in a dream and a painful death. That’s it, she was gone. My grandmother died of the same thing. Then I began to study the issues related to excess weight and the ways to get rid of it. I was shocked when I realized that diets, exercises, pills and liposuction are dangerous for health in 90% of cases, and they only exacerbate the problem of excess weight. And my mother used to stick to different diets and had been doing aerobics for almost 5 years. After graduation, I almost immediately got a job at a large American corporation for the development and production of healthy food. At first, I worked as a laboratory assistant for a year and, at the same time, worked on my own formula for fast and healthy weight loss. This was my personal motivation.

A year later, I had some groundwork that I could already show to my boss. He was very surprised, and a couple of days later I was invited to a meeting with the company founders, where I was offered to lead a whole team to improve my formula, since it was quite “raw” and expensive to produce. It was so unexpected for me, but I agreed, of course, already imagining how I could help millions of men and women.

Dietica fizzy for weight loss: targeted impact on fat deposits

So far, everything is going well in your story. What happened next?

That’s right. Everything was like a dream for me at that stage. I got a great lab, a great team of the best chemists, and I almost lived at my job place. Plus, I really liked how my salary increased. Almost 7 years flew by. And, as is usually the case, just one thing turned everything upside down.
When I was working on the product, I was well aware of how much it would cost in a store or a pharmacy, and my team and I put a lot of effort into reducing the cost of the final product without losing its quality. But at the final stage of development, my friend from the company’s top management happened to mention that the company’s management had already signed a contract with French partners to sell my formula for almost 700 million dollars, and one recommended course of my product would cost about 3000 euros! I was furious and couldn’t believe it! My work, the product I had been working on for the last years, the product that would help make millions of lives better, it would be available only to the upper class.

And, as we understand, you didn’t accept this decision of the company?

Yes. I know that I broke the terms of the contract, and most likely I will face huge fines for what I did later, but I did not create the product so that some people would profit from it so blatantly. After all, what happens if the formula falls into the wrong hands? They will get a patent, ban others from producing this formula, and raise the price of the product. In this case, it’s unlikely that a common resident of Philippines will be able to afford treatment.

Therefore, after a conversation with the company’s management, when all my fears were confirmed, I broke the contract and contacted the manufacturers from Philippines. At that time, the product had already passed all clinical trials, received the necessary certificates and was almost ready for production.

Dietica fizzy for weight loss: targeted impact on fat deposits

Can you tell us more details about the product?

The product, based on my formula, contains super-antioxidants, which give signals to a specific part of the brain (the amygdala) to stop cumulating calories in the fat layer and to reduce craving for “junk food”. My Philippines colleagues and I named it Dietica fizzy.


«Dietica fizzy» is a product that should be taken twice a day. One package contains one course, which makes fat burn 10 times faster! The product accelerates metabolism, restores the endocrine system, stimulates tissue regeneration and suppresses hunger. It’s absolutely organic and is an active stimulator of natural processes in the human body. Since the fat is burning due to rapid metabolism, diets are in the past. As a result, subcutaneous fat in problem areas burns forever at a rate of 500 grams per day!



I started drinking it, eating everything I like, and lost 9 kg. I believe that Dietica fizzy is the best product for weight loss among ones I’ve tried, and the most beautiful thing is that I don’t have to ruin yourself in the gym, I don’t have time or desire for this!

Modesta Balagtas

I weighed 90 kg before I started testing Dietica fizzy. I used to be slim when I was young, and with age, I got a big belly and sides. When I was 35, I realized that I needed to get in shape. I was exercising for almost a year but couldn’t reach my usual shape. Then I added Dietica fizzy to my diet, and I turned into the person I remember from my youth in just a few weeks. Now I take care of my body, and I always have Dietica fizzy in stock.

Mark Soriano

It’s such an unreal feeling when you really want something, but think it’s almost impossible. And then such a miracle happens. I’ve already lost 10 kilograms, and I continue at the same pace. My friends wonder, they think that I’m sticking to a strict diet, they’re worried about me. And I’m not telling them anything, letting them guess)))))

Carlota Moreno

Dietica fizzy is a real salvation for me. A few years ago, I had an accident, and I couldn’t move for 8 months. I gained 32 kg at that time! Gradually, I began to walk with a stick, but I couldn’t have any physical activity, because I was still weak, and my weight made the whole situation worse. I tried Dietica fizzy for the first time when my friend gave it to me, she had tried it out and got several packages for herself. And she gave me 6 packages. Of course, I didn’t really expect anything, I just decided to try it. I drank it according to the instructions. I noticed the changes already on the first day, I didn’t lose a lot of weight, but I got a feeling that my body somehow began to work faster, digest food, etc. I could physically feel my metabolism accelerating. I lost 10 kg within the first 2 weeks without changing anything in my diet! I lost other 22 kg in about 4 weeks. I’m very happy, I think I was just lucky that my friend found out about Dietica fizzy, otherwise I don’t know what would happen to me, I would probably still weigh 89 kg.

Evangeline Bautista


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