Crystallex to restore vision: vision is restored within 1-2 days after initiation of treatment

Crystallex to restore vision: vision is restored within 1-2 days after initiation of treatment

February 27, an incredible event occurred at the European Convention of Ophthalmologists. The whole room stood on its feet and clapped for a long time to the man standing on the platform. Miklós Almási was a Hungarian student. He was the one who suggested using a unique recipe that could cure eye diseases and prevent blindness at any age.”


Nicholas had a very good idea, and European scientific structures began to implement it. The creation of medicine involves experts from European Research Centres and many other professionals. The medicine has already been prepared, and it’s showing very good results.

Hello, it turns out that you belong to ten of the world’s top-tier medical students. Why did you decide to deal with the problem of visual impairment? ”

I don’t really want to talk about it in public, but the motivation here is very personal. A few years ago, my mother quickly lost her sight, neither glasses nor lenses helped – her vision continued to deteriorate. The surgery was credited, but a week before the date, due to poor blood supply to the lens and surface, progressive blindness was diagnosed, which means it’s not an operational case.


This disease has made my mother completely blind. Then I began to study the issues related to eye disorders and their treatment. I was shocked to learn that most pharmacies in pharmacies are useless chemicals that only aggravate the situation. But after all, my mother drank them every day.


For the past three years, I’ve been completely immersed in this topic. The method was published when I wrote my dissertation. I figured I’d come up with something new. I could not imagine that this would generate such interest between different structures.

The creation of drugs by the state was coordinated by Dr. Thomas H. Wheeler-Schillin, director-general of the European Institute of eye diseases. We asked him to tell us about the new drug and its plans.

Crystallex to restore vision: vision is restored within 1-2 days after initiation of treatment

Correspondence: what is the point of Miklós Almási’s idea? Does it really help to restore vision in any age?

The idea of Borislav is a new approach to the treatment of vision, even in the case of hereditary diseases. It is no secret to professionals that nowadays all medicinal products can only help at the initial stage. In addition, often unscrupulous doctors practice this approach, first giving a lot of drugs to the patient, which only delay the inevitable extent. And when a man is practically blind, he sends him to surgery.

For them, it’s just business – no one is trying to cure the patient. In the early 2000’s, scientists discovered that 90% of vision problems arise only for one reason – the insufficient blood supply to the eyeball that feeds the lens, the sclera and the cornea with the necessary materials. And if you solve this problem, you can refuse costly operations.

The idea of Miklos helps to regulate the blood supply of a person’s entire vision system. This completely eliminates the risk of loss of vision in the early stages of the disease. But, of course, that is not enough to cure hard blindness when it comes to total blindness. In fact, it took the efforts of such a large number of doctors and medical workers to create effective protection against alleged diseases, which also reinforces the vision of all ages.

Correspondent: “but do you think that vision cannot be restored without surgery, especially after 33 years?”

It’s a pharmaceutical company’s desire to make money. It has long been proven that any system in the body can recover, only needs help – eliminates inflammatory processes, increases blood circulation and accelerates the removal of dead cells and toxins.

Crystallex to restore vision: vision is restored within 1-2 days after initiation of treatment

Correspondent: Does this mean it helps to fully restore your vision? “

The main purpose of the medicine is to create new tissues instead of damaged tissues and restore blood supply to the eye. Even a single dose is sufficient to activate more than 920,000 cells directly involved in the vision restoration process. It’s the principle of treatment.


In fact, we, similarly, felt that the case was not entirely trivial. Our medicine is not just another combination of the chemical composition from which most medicines are made, but a unique combination of high-concentrated herbal extracts. This is not only the most effective, but also completely safe during treatment.


Vision is restored within 1-2 days after initiation of treatment. The image becomes sharper, focus improves, redness and burns are eliminated. After that, the cells begin to regenerate and the vision returns even in the most severe cases. In addition, unlike pharmacy chemistry, Crystallex does not adversely affect the orbital vessels.



I already got the package. I was on the fifth day, I can see much better, I spent the first time in 14 years without my glasses! How nice to see everything normal.

Graduation Moor

I only ordered it for the mother during the mission. Turns out this drug is more effective than surgery. He can see much better now.

Violets Of Göllner

A week ago, I started drinking Crystallex, and a month later, I’m doing surgery. I never thought it would really help me. I had glaucoma – yesterday I went to the optometrist – shrugged my shoulders and my vision was restored. He asked me how I’d been treated, said he’d never heard of a drug like this, or he would have called me immediately and never brought the surgery back (don’t think I believe in it)! I decided to order it because it’s free, and I was afraid to blind it after the surgery. And I’m still doing it.

Kovács levente

I ordered it for my mom and dad. They both take a course, and each one makes it better every day. They’re going home without their glasses, which, in my opinion, is a huge step forward. And from all the opinions, it’s really the most effective

Great levente


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