California Body the hips simulator: it`s time to shape luxurious buttocks

California Body the hips simulator: it`s time to shape luxurious buttocks

  • Maintenance of the muscle tone
  • Getting rid of sagging skin, swellings and cellulite
  • Correction of the size of the buttocks in line with the type of shape
  • Many times cheaper than going to the gym

A professional solution in the spirit of the 21st century for those who want to:

  1. Feel free to wear tight clothes, including revealing lingerie and swimwear;
  2. Attract the attention of the opposite sex;
  3. Minimize the effects of sedentary lifestyles;
  4. Don’t waste time and money going to the gym, instead giving it to loved ones or important matters;
  5. Take the simulator on trips and to work;
  6. Maintain their shape during a forced break in the traditional training;
  7. Stay in the comfort zone, do not suffer the implementation of painful exercises.

California Body the hips simulator: it`s time to shape luxurious buttocks

Based on the knowledge and research of myostimulators, which have been conducted since the 1960s, were created:

  • 15 programmes of work of the device;
  • Relaxation and dynamic training modes;
  • Ergonomic U-shape, allowing the use of the device for the buttocks and sides.

The hips simulator can be used even for those who are contraindicated traditional exercise*

If you have no contraindications ,and you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations – California Body-this is your chance for success without exhausting training!

*contraindications include: the presence of a pacemaker, pregnancy, Oncology, chronic diseases of the musculoskeletal system, diseases in the acute stage, high body temperature, skin damage, epilepsy, tumors and cysts

If the impact doesn`t seem strong enough for you, you should use another program with a more intense load.

In sports medicine and rehabilitation, electric myostimulators have been used for more than 50 years, we note – it is safe

In addition, the development of the device takes into account the regulations of electromagnetic compatibility of equipment and restrictions on the use of certain substances in electromagnetic equipment.


California Body the hips simulator: it`s time to shape luxurious buttocks


1. Who can make use of California Body?
California Body is created for all those people want to have that good looking body shape one can observe at the beaches of California, but don`t have the time, money or determination to go all in at the gym. It shortens the gap between fitness models and ordinary people who just want to look and feel good.


2. Where is California Body created?
California Body is designed, manufactured and distributed around the world from the state of California, USA. Our staff and factory workers are dedicated to redefine the results and goals of the Health & Beauty industry worldwide!


3. How long and in what interval should I use California Body?
Using California Body is no different than a gym training. You can use it in accordance with the results you are looking to achieve and the shape of the booty you want to have. As any other exercise the muscles need some time to adapt to the changes applied to them. We recommend

using California Body every other day.


4. When can I observe first results on my body?
It really depends on the intensity of one`s use of our product. However, if you stick to our recommendation you should be able to observe the first results reflecting on your bum in the first 7-10 days.

Reviews of our customers

It has been 15 years since me and my husband got married and I had noticed he has been losing interest in my body. I bought California Body in order to present him with the final result but he loves looking at me with it. It has singlehandedly revived our sexual life! I`m SO GRATEFUL to you, California Body for saving my marriage!

Blessica Sangre

Going to the gym has always been a pain for me both physically and mentally. Not to mention all the time lost that could be spent otherwise. That`s why since I got California Body I feel twice as productive as before. I can watch movies, read a book and do work all the while I keep the seductive form of my bum.

Chai Tugbang

Being a mom of a little baby boy I don`t have the time nor the resources to go to the gym. Yet I am still a woman and I did not want my body becoming saggy and unattractive. To women in my position I can confidently say – California Body works wonders! It helped me get the few extra pounds off my butt after the birth and rebuild my confidence very, very fast! Don`t hesitate to buy it!

Mel Grande


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